VCP6-CMA Study Guide

VCP6-CMA study guide will help to study towards VMware VCP6-CMA certification exam.
The exam will validate your skills and experience deploying and configuring vRealize Automation into a vSphere virtualized data center, using vRealize Automation and related technologies to deploy and manage services across a multi-vendor, multi-cloud infrastructure.

Objective 1.1Explain vRealize Suite Editions and Features
Objective 1.2Install and Upgrade vRealize Suite Components
Objective 1.3Objective 1.3 - Configure and Administer vCloud Connector
Objective 1.4Configure vRealize Automation Settings
Objective 1.5Integrate vRealize Automation with vCloud Air
Objective 2.1Create Roles and Apply Privileges to Roles
Objective 2.2Configure AD/LDAP Integration
Objective 3.1Explain NSX Integration with vRealize Automation
Objective 3.2Configure and Manage vRealize Automation Networking
Objective 4.1Create and Manage Business Groups
Objective 4.2Create and Manage Tenants
Objective 5.1Create and Manage Fabric Groups
Objective 5.2Create and Manage Reservations
Objective 5.3Create and Manage Reservation Policies
Objective 6.1Create and Manage Machine/Multi-Machine Blueprints
Objective 6.2Create and Manage Service Catalog Items
Objective 6.3Create and Manage Service Catalog Blueprints
Objective 6.4Create and Manage a Property Dictionary
Objective 6.5Create and Manage Build Profiles
Objective 6.6Create Custom Services using Advanced Service Designer
Objective 7.1Perform Basic vRealize Automation Troubleshooting
Objective 7.2Audit vRealize Automation Resources and Events
Objective 7.3Map vRealize Automation Resources to vSphere Resources
Objective 8.1Create and Modify Basic Orchestrator Workflows
Objective 8.2Integrate vRealize Orchestrator with vRealize Automation Center
Objective 9.1Install and Configure vRealize Business Standard Appliance
Objective 9.2Perform Basic Configuration of vRealize Business Standard Environment
Objective 10.1Install and Configure vRealize Application Services Appliance
Objective 10.2Create Basic Application Blueprints

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